Vintage [likely] Glens - SOLD!

CAD1,800.00 each


This beautiful old set was sold to the current owner by Jim McGillivray. Here is the description that Jim provided, with details of the pipes. This set also includes a vintage Glen pipe chanter, but not original to the set. If you're interested, send us an email and we'll put you in touch with the seller. Price will be $1800 plus shipping. Stocks, sticks and chanter only.

Cocuswood, possible Glen, circa 1920s, nickel, artificial ivory
The make of this stunning cocuswood set is a bit of a puzzle, but the caps, tone, wood and workmanship suggest David Glen, sometime after 1920. The wide beads between the combing sections are unlike Glen, and other thoughts range from Henderson to MacRae. The tone is first class cocuswood: rich, buzzy and steady.
The set came with catalin rings on the drone tops, thought to be a later addition. These had turned the usual pumpkin orange, and I had Dunbar Bagpipes replace them with non-chip artificial ivory.

The set also had came with no stocks. Replica stocks have been made from cocobola, and I found superbly matching nickel ferrules from my collection of parts. The cocobola is an excellent match to the original cocuswood, almost undetecatable as replacements.

The bass mid-joint had a hairline crack running an inch or two up from the ferrule, but this has been invisible whipped and you would never guess it was there.

Tonally speaking, this bagpipe is exceptional, and the work is clearly that of a high-end maker. The appearance in person is stunning.

The price is reflective of the unknown make and replacement parts, but not of the tone!

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