Sinclair Bagpipes - Silver and Imitation Ivory

CAD3,800.00 each

Reduced price $3800
Beautiful hallmarked silver, celtic pattern with realistic looking imitation ivory projecting mounts.  Unfortunately I have more pipes than I can play and they're way too good to sit in a case.    Made in the mid 70s, they were refurbished a few years ago, and in brand new condition. (Refurbishing involved removing varnish and polishing them and was done by Kenny Pettigrew) They sound as good as they look and include an appraisal certificate for more than I’m asking.  This includes sticks and stocks with a brass lined blow pipe and split stock with matched mount.   Asking $3800 Cdn including shipping in Canada.

If you are interested, send us an email, and we'll put you directly in touch with the owner.

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