John Center, pre-1908

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Natural mounts with German silver, thistle-engraved ferrules. This set of pipes has been restored to full playing condition without alteration of the finish or mounts. At some point in the last 50 years, the original blowpipe and chanter stocks were replaced and mounted (imitation ivory still beneath) with the original nickel (“German silver”), and I had the chanter stock bored to regular size (it was 1970s small) and a replacement blowpipe stock made with the original mounts (it was cracked). The blowpipe was also split had had a white plastic mouthpiece, so I had a new one made with the original mounts and outside combing. Inside, the blowpipe is plastic-lined, so it’ll never crack, and the mouthpiece is sterling silver and imitation ivory. These pipes sound great, and are currently set up with Selbie tenors and a cane bass, and they have a standard Canmore bag on them. The pipe chanter is an early model McCallum with a metal sole.

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