David Naill - Dragon Engraved DN5 [LOWER PRICE]

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Made in 2000, this set is in excellent condition and comes fully ready to play. It has a poly adjustable blowpipe with matching projecting mount, comes with the original untouched chanter with sterling silver band, and features a beautiful hand-engraved sterling silver design on all the silver parts.

There are no cracks in the wood. There are a couple of dings on 2 projecting mounts and tiny wear & tear ones on the sharp edges of the drone tops. See photos.

The set comes with a brand new Lee & Sons Premium sheepskin bag, a Bannatyne moisture system with two canisters, Canning drone reeds, and a near-new Bagpiper carrying case. There uis also a 2019 McCallum Ceòl chanter with the set, as well as the original Naill.

This set was played in high-level bands and solos, and was played regularly up until the Covid shutdown.