R.G. Hardie 1969 S&I [PRICE REDUCED]

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This is a beautiful set of vintage R.G. Hardie bagpipes with natural projecting mounts and sterling silver, hallmarked Birmingham, 1969. The bag on them is an L&M cowhide bag made in 1983, and they arrived with full cane reeds. The finish and overall condition of these pipes is excellent. There are no dings or chips on wood or ivory, and no evidence of any damage to bores. There was a piece of packing tape on the outside of the blowpipe stock, but there is no visible crack. That would be oine area for review. The pipe chanter is the original, with very little wear on the varnish on the fingerholes. The only piece missing is the original mouthpiece. The pipes come with a sturdy pipe case and an old Hardie practice chanter with a very cracked top. Selling within Canada.