Chieftain "Thunderbird" Low D Whistle

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kerry logoA beautiful-sounding Low D. The Thunderbird Low-D is the latest innovation from Kerrywhistles, producing the loud, rich sound of the Chieftain NR with a more comfortable mouthpiece.

The Chieftain whistles are designed and made by Phil Hardy, who is himself a well-known exponent of the whistle is traditional music.

These are high-quality instruments, with clear, warm tonality and comfortable hole placement. 

We have decided to offer the tuneable versions of these whistles. This allows the player to adjust the overall length of the whistle to accommodate little variations in room temperature, or the tuning of other instruments.

Some of the biggest names in traditional music use these whistles, including: Phil Hardy, Julie Fowlis, Lunasa, Michael McGoldrick, Kate Rusby, Flook, and many more.

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