Made to exacting standards from carefully selected and seasoned African Blackwood, the Strathmore Bagpipe produces a harmonic, musical tone, is easy to reed and will maintain a very steady tone.

For many years, Murray Henderson offered his advice on product development to one of the world's best-known bagpipe makers, and then a few years ago he designed his own line of bagpipes called "Strathmore Bagpipes." These are excellent instruments, and they come at a variety of prices and setups, and they all come with Murray's personal care and attention to see that you get the very best bagpipe possible.

When Murray returned to competition after a few years off, he won the coveted Clasp to the Inverness Gold Medal for the sixth time, and he did it playing a full set of Strathmore Bagpipes, with Henderson drone reeds! In 2010, Murray and Patricia Henderson's daughter Faye Henderson won the Gold Medal at the Argyllshire Gathering in Oban playing a full set of Strathmore Bagpipes. has been supplying Strathmore bagpipes to very happy customers in the Regina area for a number of years, and has extensive experience with these excellent pipes. Murray Henderson provides excellent service and value to customers, and his after-sales service and advice is excellent. 

Every set of Strathmore bagpipes is inspected, reeded, and played
by Murray Henderson 
to ensure that you receive 
an instrument of high quality!

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