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It’s been great to be at Highland games and also to watch recordings from different parts of the world, as things gradually come back together. This weekend sees another major championship in the UK and of course the North American Championships at Maxville, ON. Good luck to players and bands as they prepare for and play for the remaining contests.

Long-time customers Rocky Mountain Pipe Band from Calgary, AB are back at Maxville to see if they can repeat their success from 2017, and they are running on fresh G1 Reeds from Sending best wishes!

If you’ve ordered anything off the site in the past week, you will find that there are no shipments outgoing until we’re back from Scotland. Currently in Manville preparing for the day with the 78th Highlanders, Halifax Citadel and looking forward seeing daughter Eilidh compete with ScottishPower Pipe Band at the Worlds, not to mention our many friends and former bandmates in several bands.

The trip to Scotland is always a time to re-connect with suppliers, too, and we'll be meeting with and visitng a wide range of suppliers to keep current with what's happening and bring the best products and information to our customers.

CelticLife Magazine did a profile of the business, which you might find enjoyable.

Sending best wishes to all for the remainder of the summer. Have great tunes, enjoy the music, and encourage all the kids you know to start lessons.


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