Strathmore No. 3A

Strathmore No. 3A
CAD1,575.00 each

Ready to Play - Standard setup
Standard Maintenance Package
Deluxe Maintenance Package
Bagpipeskin - Hedgehog
ETY - ER•20XS Hearing Protection

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Murray's set #3 is the classic "Army Pattern" of years past, with full imitation ivory mounts, including all projecting mounts, ferrules, ring caps, etc. The 3A set features nickel tuning slides, and you can also upgrade to sterling silver tuning slides, which is a classic look for the early 20th century.

This is an outstanding value in a set of great-sounding pipes. There are a few options available for bags, and you can always add elements to these pipes from other sets. Want a fancier mouthpiece or a wooden Strathmore chanter? Just ask!

The Strathmore pipes come as "sticks and stocks". Select a setup package (bag, reeds, etc.). If you want something that's not in the setup options (sheepskin bag, wooden solo chanter, etc.) just get in touch and we'll sort out the package for you.

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