We often get questions about how bagpipes are made, and most of the top makers have videos to promote thier businesses that decribe what they do. We've brought together a few here so you can see what's involved in making the excellent pipes we handle.

 McCALLUM BAGPIPES - All about the McCallum company

MAKING R.G. HARDIE BAGPIPES - Alastair Dunn of R.G. Hardie and the factory


MAKING BAGPIPES IN CAMDEN, 1952 - The bagpipe shop of Henry Stark & Son is the subject of this tongue-in-cheek overview. The young man working on the pipe chanter in the early frames is Les Cowell, founder of the David Naill & Son Bagpipe Firm.

MAKING BAGPIPES IN GLASGOW, 1934 - this is a look at the Peter Henderson bagpipe shop in 1934!