Donald MacPhee Solo Reeds

CAD20.00 each

Donald MacPhee reeds are considered by many to be the best solo reeds made in the world today. Of the two surveys conducted by in 2009 and 2012 with the top competitive pipers - Donald's reeds were the Number 1 reed of choice among the world's best solo pipers.

"I take great pride in the satisfaction of my customers. The personal success of my customers encourages me to work harder and to always work at producing the best possible pipe chanter reed," says MacPhee.

Even if you are not playing at the highest competitive level, you still want your instrument to sound the best it can.

Over 20 years experience and expertise go into producing each reed using only the best of materials. Each reed is personally handcrafted using no machinery, only hand tools and expertise:

"I find that direct personal contact and working with the cane personally through every stage allows for better quality control and flexibility. That feel of personally gouging and chiseling to shape each piece of cane is best for producing the best possible product."

Donald's reeds are a profiled reed and only makes the one type of reed:

"without doubt a profiled reed offers more flexibility and much more workability in comparison to the "french-cut" or ridge cut reed."

NOTE: we supply these reeds in a moderate, easy strength—ideal for solo players.


Donald MacPhee is an American that moved to Scotland in 1997. A reed maker for over 20 years. Donald has achieved the pinnacle of success at both the solo and pipe band scene. A Gold Medalist at the Northern Meetings in 2005 and an accumulation of pipe band championships over the course of the past 16 years numbering in 33 major pipe band championship wins including 6 World Pipe Band Championships, 8 Champion of Champion titles and 2 Grand Slams.

Donald holds a Graduate and Senior Teacher's Certificate with the Institute of Piping. He has his Advanced and Teacher's Certificate with the RSPBA. A fully qualified RSPBA Adjudicator and a solo adjudicator on the CPA list of Active Competitive Adjudicators. Donald is also a PDQB Assessor for the RSPBA.