The Revolt of the Angels - by Anatole France

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This classic by the great author, Anatole France. While not actually Scottish, I first learned about Anatole France when I lived in Paisley, Scotland. An ancient, retired labour organizer named Eddie used to regale me with the philosophies of Anatole France while we sipped pints at "The Wig & Pen."

"An angel, Arcade, leaves heaven, comes to earth, uses his invisibility to steal books from a library to study science and philosophy, after which he joins a host of fallen brethren with plans to overthrow god whom he views as not understanding the true nature of the universe and thus was incapable of creating it in the first place."


This light, leather-backed "Modern Library" edition published in New York, 1928. 

6.75" x 4.25"; 350 pages.