The practice chanter is the starting gate for most Highland pipers, and chanters vary in size and price.

The size has mostly to do with the size and natural stretch of your hands. Smaller hands require a smaller chanter. We have "child's size," regular and large.

Some people prefer the larger one because the finger spacing is more like the full-size Highland pipes, but many find them awkward to play comfortably because of the extra lenth. Lots of pipers will start with a child's or regular chanter depending on age/size, and then decide later on if they want something fancier, a different size, etc.

The most basic chanters are the "plastic stick," kind, and we also have many options for a classy traditional chanter, something funky, long or regular, or the best presentation chanter money can buy.

If you are just starting out, we also have "Beginner Kits" that include a chanter and also the excellent National Piping Centre tutor Book 1.