Lee & Sons - ABW with Boxwood Mounts

CAD2,399.00 each
L&S Bagpipes

Bagpipeskin - Hedgehog
Ready to Play - Standard setup
Bruce Gandy Model Solo Chanter (Plastic)
McCallum Ceòl Band Chanter
R.G. Hardie - Infinity solo pipe chanter - poly

Lee and Sons Bagpipes makes some of the finest bagpipes in the world. Each of their instruments are hand-crafted using the finest materials available. Each piece of wood is carefully selected, fully aged, and inspected before use.

"Our bagpipes are made slowly, carefully and with pride. We don’t rush or take short cuts and our dedication to craftsmanship shows." - Jack & Andrew Lee

Jack won the 2017 Masters, Oban Silver Star and Glenfiddich Championships playing these pipes.

Lee & Sons bagpipes include the drones, stocks, blowstick, mouthpiece and drone chords. When purchasing L&S bagpipes from Reelpipes.com, you have the option of adding a L&S pipe bag at a significant discount and also the pipe chanter of your choice, also discounted.

We are confident they will produce the rich, harmonic tone you’re looking for plus they will stay in tune like few other instruments.

Hand-made in Canada, our instruments are made from Blackwood (although Delrin models are also available). We offer three different mountings: Boxwood, Holly and engraved metal.

The Boxwood mounts are medium brown in colour and have an “antique” look. Jack and Andrew both play these pipes.

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