McCallum Ceòl Band Chanter

CAD180.00 each


McCallum Bagpipes released a completely revamped pipe band chanter called the Ceòl pipe chanter.

Ceòl is Gaelic for music, the Ceòl pipe chanter creates music— not just sound.

It has a completely new internal size, new throat, new reed seat and hole pattern. It’s round holed and very easy and comfortable to play. It is designed to work well with a wide variety of reeds.

McCallum have taken a long time to be sure it is a winning sound, and all the bands that are playing it to trial it, are doing really well in their various grades. Check out McCallum's facebook page for details on all the bands who have been winning worldwide with the new chanter.

Whether you need one chanter, a few to match what you have, or a set for a band, contact us to discuss your needs and we'll get you sorted with great chanters at a competitive price.

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