Bannatyne Hide/Synthetic Bag

hidebag_4collarzip_fullBannatyne Hide/Synthetic BagBannatyne Hide/Synthetic Bag
CAD219.00 each
Bannatyne bag size

The Bannatyne Hide/Synthetic pipe bag is an excellent product for soloists and pipe bands, and is the bag we most often recommend to new pipers. It is easy to assemble on the pipes and it is very airtight. The “T-Zip” zipper allows you to access the inside of the bag, which allows you to add moisture control, fetch fallen reeds, and dry out the inside of the bag.

Bags come with a moisture control bottle, cloth and tube.

This bag is available in four sizes: small, extended small, medium, and large.

We will tie-on your new Bannatyne bag at no extra cost.


Pipe Bag Sizes:

Small – Depth 228mm x Length 610mm
AG Extended Small – Depth 241mm x Length 675mm
Medium – Depth 267mm x Length 675mm
Large – Depth 292mm x Length 735mm
Willie McCallum Custom – Depth 255mm x Length 700mm