Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor

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Kilberry Book - Piobaireachd. The Kilberry book is one of the most important Piobaireachd books around. For most people the two main sources to look up different Piobaireachd's have been the Kilberry book, and the Piobaireachd Society books. This book comes hard bound.

Tunes in this book:

A Bhoilich (The Vaunting)
A Flame Of Wrath For Patrick Caogach(Lasan PhadruigChaogaich)
A' Ghlas Mheur (The Finger Lock)
Alba Bheadarrach's Mire Ga'd Fhagail Dubh (Beloved Scotland)
An Ann Air Mhire Tha Sibh (Salute On Birth Of Rory Mac Leod)
An Cath Gailbeach (The Desperate Battle)
An Ceapadh Eucorach (The Unjust Incarceration)
An Co-Aontachadh (The Lament For The Union)
An Daorach Bheag (The Little Spree)
An Daorach Mhor (The Big Spree)
An Grota Misgeach (The Groat)
An Tarbh Breac Dearg (The Red Speckled Bull)
Battle Of Auldearn, The
Battle Of Sheriffmuir, The
Battle Of The Bridge Of Perth, The
Battle Of The Pass Of Crieff, The (The Laird Of Coll's Barge)
Battle Of Waternish, The
Bells Of Perth, The
Beloved Scotland (Alba Bheadarrach's Mire Ga'd Fhagail Dubh)
Bicker, The (Port A' Mheadair)
Big Spree, The (An Daorach Mhor)
Black Donald's March (Piobaireachd Dhomnuill Duibh)
Blind Piper's Obstinacy, The (Crosanachd An Doill)
Blue Ribbon, The
Bodaich Dhubha Nan Sligean (The Old Men Of The Shells)
Bodaich Nam Briogais (The Carles With The Breeks)
Carles With The Breeks, The (Bodaich Nam Briogais)
Catherine's Lament
Ceann Drochaid Mhoire (The End Of The Great Bridge)
Ceann Na Drochaide Bige (The End Of The Little Bridge)
Cha Till Mac Cruimen (Mac Crimmon Will Never Return)
Cherede Darievea (Nameless)
Chisholm's Salute
Cill Chriosd (Glengarry's March)
Clan Campbell's Gathering
Clan Chattan's Gathering
Clan Macnab's Saulte, The
Clanranald's Salute
Colin Roy Mac Kenzie's Lament (Cumha Chailein Ruidh)
Corrienessan's Salute
Craigellachie (The Grant's Gathering)
Cronan Na Caillich Sa Bheinn Bhric (The Old Woman's Lullaby)
Crosanachd An Doill (The Blind Piper's Obstinacy)
Cumha Chlaibhers (Lament For The Viscount Of Dundee)
Cumha Craobh Na'n Teud (The Lament For The Harp Tree)
Cumha Mairi Nighean Alasdair Ruaidh (Lament For Mary MacLeod)
Dastirum Gu Seinnim Piob (I Am Proud To Play A Pipe)
Daughter's Lament, The
Desperate Battle, The (An Cath Gailbeach)
Donald Gruamach's March
Duncan Mac Rae Of Kintail's Lament
Earl Of Seaforth's Salute, The (Failte Uilleim Dhuibh Mhic)
End Of The Great Bridge, The (Ceann Drochaid Mhoire)
End Of The Little Bridge, The (Ceann Na Drochaide Bige)
Faicheachd Chlann Domhnuill (The Parading Of The Mac Donalds)
Failte Uilleim Dhuibh Mhic Coinnich (Earl Of Seaforth's Sal.)
Finger Lock, The (A' Ghlas Mheur)
Finlay's Lament
Fuaim Na Tuinne Ri Duntroin (Sound Of The Waves,Castle Dunt.)
Gathering Of The Macnabs, The
Glen Is Mine, The ('S Leam Fhein An Gleann)
Glengarry's Lament
Glengarry's March (Cill Chriosd)
Grain In Hides And Corn In Sacks (Gran A Seicheanan 'S Am-)
Gran A Seicheanan 's Sial Am Pocanan (Grain In Hides And-)
Grant's Gathering, The (Craigellachie)
Groat, The (An Grota Misgeach)
Guileagag Moraig (Praise Of Marion)
Hi Hio Tro Tro (Nameless)
Hiharin Dro O Dro (Nameless)
Hiharin Odin, Hiharin Dro (Nameless)
Hohorodo Hao (Nameless)
I Am Proud To Play A Pipe (Dastirum Gu Seinnim Piob)
I Got A Kiss Of The King's Hand (Thug Mi Pog Do Lamh An Righ)
Is Fhada Mar So Tha Sinn (Too Long In This Condition)
Isabel Mackay
John Garve Mac Leod Of Raasay's Lament
King's Taxes, The (Mal An Righ)
Lachlan Mac Neill Of Kintarbert's Fancy
Lady Doyle's Salute
Lady Mac Donald's Lament
Lady Margaret Mac Donald's Salute
Laird Of Coll's Barge, The (The Battle Of The Pass Of Crieff)
Lament For Alasdair Dearg Mac Donell Of Glengarry
Lament For Captain Mac Dougall
Lament For Donald Ban Mac Crimmon
Lament For Donald Doughal Mac Kay
Lament For Donald Of Laggan
Lament For Mac Donald's Tutor
Lament For Mac Swan Of Roaig
Lament For Mary Mac Leod(Cumha Mairi Nighean Alasdair Ruaidh)
Lament For Red Hector Of The Battles
Lament For The Children, The
Lament For The Departure Of King James (Siubhal Sheumais)
Lament For The Duke Of Hamilton
Lament For The Earl Of Antrim
Lament For The Harp Tree, The (Cumha Craobh Na'n Teud)
Lament For The Little Supper
Lament For The Old Sword
Lament For The Only Son, The
Lament For The Union, The (An Co-Aontachadh)
Lament For The Viscount Of Dundee (Cumha Chlaibhers)
Lasan Phadruig Chaogaich(A Flame Of Wrath For PatrickCaogach)
Little Spree, The (An Daorach Bheag)
Lord Lovat's Lament
Mac Crimmon Will Never Return (Cha Till Mac Cruimen)
Mac Crimmon's Sweetheart (Maol Donn)
Mac Donald Of Kinlochmoidart's Lament (No. 1)
Mac Donald Of Kinlochmoidart's Lament (No. 2)
Mac Dougall's Gathering, The
Mac Farlane's Gathering, The (Togail Nam Bo)
Mac Kay's Banner, The
Mac Kintosh's Lament (Cumha Mhic A'h Arasaig)
Mac Leod Of Mac Leod's Lament (Tog Orm Mo Piob S'Theid Mi-)
Mac Leod Of Raasay's Salute
Mac Leod's Salute, The
Mac Leod's Short Tune
Mal An Righ (The King's Taxes)
Maol Donn (Mac Crimmon's Sweetheart)
March For A Beginner
Mary's Praise (Moladh Mairi)
Massacre Of Glencoe, The
Menzie's Salute, The
Moladh Mairi (Mary's Praise)
My King Has Landed In Moidart (Thainig Mo Righ Air Tir Am-)
Nameless (Cherede Darievea)
Nameless (Hi Hio Tro Tro)
Nameless (Hiharin Dro O Dro)
Nameless (Hiharin Odin, Hiharin Dro)
Nameless (Hihorodo Hao)
Old Men Of The Shells, The (Bodaich Dhubha Nan Sligean)
Old Woman's Lullaby, The (Cronan Na Caillich Sa Bheinn Bhric)
Parading Of The Mac Donalds, The(Faicheachd Chlann Domhnuill)
Park Piobaireachd, The (No. 1)
Park Piobaireachd, The (No. 2)
Patrick Og Mac Crimmon's Lament
Piobaireachd Dhomnuill Duibh (Black Donald's March)
Piobaireachd Dhunnaomhaig (Piper's Warning To His Master) r)
Piper's Warning To His Master, The (Piobaireach Dhunnaomhaig)
Port A' Mheadair (The Bicker)
Praise Of Marion (Guileagag Moraig)
Pride Of Barra, The (Spaidsearachd Bharraidh)
Prince's Salute, The
Queen Anne's Lament
Red Speckled Bull, The (An Tarbh Breac Dearg)
Ronald Mac Donald Of Morar's Lament
Rout Of Glenfruin, The
S E Do Beatha Eoghainn (You're Welcome, Ewen)
S Leam Fhein An Gleann (The Glen Is Mine)
Salute On The Birth Of Rory Mor Mac Leod (An Ann Air Mhire-)
Salute To Donald
Scarce Of Fishing (Spiocaireachd Iasgaich)
Sir James Mac Donald Of The Isles Lament
Sister's Lament, The
Siubhal Sheumais (Lament For The Departure Of King James)
Sound Of The Waves Against The Castle Of Duntroon, The
Spiocaireachd Iasgaich (Scarce Of Fishing)
Struan Robertson's Salute
Thainig Mo Righ Air Tir Am Muideart (My King Has Landed-)
Thug Mi Pog Do Lamh An Righ (I Got A Kiss Of The King's Hand)
Tog Orm Mo Piob S'Theid Mi Dhachaidh (Mac Leod Of Mac Leod's)
Togail Nam Bo (The Mac Farlane's Gathering)
Too Long In This Condition (Is Fhada Mar So Tha Sinn)
Tulloch Ard
Unjust Incarceration, The (An Ceapadh Eucorach)
Vaunting, The (A Bhoilich)
Weighing From Land (Togail Bho Thir)
You're Welcome, Ewen ('S E Do Beatha Eoghainn)

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