Dunbar Polypenco Bagpipes

Dunbar Polypenco Bagpipes
Dunbar Polypenco BagpipesDunbar Polypenco Bagpipes
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Canadian bagpipe company "Dunbar Bagpipes" was founded by Jack Dunbar, a time-served bagpipe maker who learned his trade and developed the craft while working for Scottish bagpipe maker Peter Henderson Ltd. Jack Dunbar immigrated to Canada in 1951, and although he was employed at General Motors, he gradually rebuilt his bagpipe business until he was able to retire from GM and launch "Dunbar Bagpipes" on a full-time basis in 1985.

Dunbar Bagpipes are based on the Henderson specifications, with great attention to quality and detail. There are several models from which to choose, with the main choices being material: polypenco, African blackwood, cocobolo.

Dunbar polypenco bagpipes have a life-time warranty due to the strength of the material. 

All Dunbar polypenco bagpipes are manufactured to the same specifications regardless of the material.

You can have plain, poly button mounts; imitation ivory and metal, or full metal. Sets (sticks and stocks only) range from about $600-900, and then you can add the options you want, including bag, reeds, cover, cords and pipe case (approximately $400).

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