Fred Morrison Uilleann - Full Set

CAD10,260.00 each
FM cover colour

Fred Morrison has been playing uilleann pipes for many years, and he has designed a very special product line based on his own exceptional set of pipes.  There are full sets, half sets and practice sets in full production. Fred would like all customers to receive a set of pipes which has the highest standards of tonal quality, tuning and stability and a set which has ease of playing – comfortable, air-efficient – and everything functioning really well.

FULL SET: bag, bellows, chanter, drones and three regulators - all fully reeded, tuned and ready-to-play.

The regulators are bright, resonant and very musical and the tuning is very consistent and stable. They blend really well with the set as a whole and each set will be fully set up and tuned.

The windway of the chanter on each full set is fitted with a stop key as standard. This makes life much easier when tuning the drones and also has advantages when playing with other instruments.

The drones, volume-wise, give a great balance to the chanter and have a lovely deep sound. As well as this, they’re extremely air-efficient, which really adds to the enjoyment of playing the pipes.

The reeds we use for the drones are very high-quality, synthetic Ezeedrone reeds. The beauty of these reeds is that once they’re set, they require little or no adjustment. They are very air-efficient, stable and sound great.

If a customer would like to put traditional cane reeds in their set, of course this can be done.

The chanter has good volume and very musical. It has a great action to play and the notes roll out very well. Great sounding back D and hard D and very good overall tuning throughout the two octaves. Every chanter comes with two keys as standard – F natural and C natural – reeded of course.

The bag is hand made and stitched by world renowned bag maker Lawrence Thomson to a template which we’ve developed to give the player maximum comfort when playing.

The luxury hand-made bellows are fully padded with hand-sewn plush leather cushions on the front and back to ensure comfort and ease of play. The bellows are made from the highest quality components to ensure many years of great playing.

Materials: African Blackwood (ebony also available on request), brass with chrome plate.

Each set comes with a pipe case.