MK Pro - Low D Whistle

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MK Pro Low D Whistle

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The MK Pro has become a firm favourite with musicians around the world. Its tone, playability and appearance have set it apart from the crowd. Avoiding corner-cutting processes such as moulding, casting or pressing, it's just down to superb craftsmanship and a design which offers the best possible combination of characteristics: tone, timbre, back pressure, air requirement, tuning, ergonomics, reliability (no blocking) and general feel. 



  • In tune
    No blocking / clogging
    Smooth fit brass tuning slide
    Raised walls around fipple window to give a full-bodied tone
    Tapered airway for best balance of air requirement and back pressure
    Ergonomic finger-hole positions
    Anodised finish for durability
    Each one is individually tested
    Comes with fabric case
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