MK Kelpie - Low F Whistle (Black)

CAD199.00 each

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The MK Kelpie Low F whistle is made from aluminium and anodised black. The Low F is a single piece, non-tunable whistle that is both economical and robust. Benefits include many of the features of the MK Pro - the airway is curved and tapered to give a good back pressure whilst also ensuring it doesn't clog up.

The tone holes are positioned and cut precisely to be in tune and easy to reach. If you've tried a Low D and found the holes a little tough to reach, this could be the solution. It's a great sound, and easy to play.

The mouthpiece is turned on swiss precision lathes, rather than bent or formed into shape, so that each instrument is made to a consistently high standard. Each one comes with a thick wool felt bag.

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