McCallum Bagpipes - AB3 "Classic"

McCallum Bagpipes - AB3 "Classic"
CAD1,775.00 each

Ready to Play - Standard setup
Bagpipeskin - Hedgehog
Standard Maintenance Package
Deluxe Maintenance Package
Piper's Choice Backpack Case
ETY - ER•20XS Hearing Protection

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The Classic Model features McCallum's 19th century inspired design of projecting mounts. It's a refined, classic look for your pipes, and you can also add the "Deluxe: recessed rings to projecting mounts if you choose.

McCallum's AB3 model is fully mounted with imitation ivory, and has alloy tuning slides and detail on the blowpipe mouthpiece. The pipe chanter is plastic. The mounts, ferrules, and ring caps are threaded. McCallum bagpipes include a 5-year guarantee from date of manufacture.

Setup - Ready to Play (Standard)

This includes everything you’ll need to play your pipes right out of the box. Our standard setup includes a Bannatyne or Canmore synthetic pipe bag, drone and pipe chanter reeds all set to play, bag cover and cords. Just enter in the comments box the colour of cords & cover desired, and the size of bag. If you are unsure what is best, shoot us an email or call and we’ll help you work that out.

Maintenance Package

Maintenance includes drone top corks, stock corks, 2 drone brushes, black wax, yellow hemp and ETY ear protection.

Our goal is always to get you the bagpipe you want. If you are purchasing new bagpipes for younger players, we recommend selecting an adjustable blowpipe (no extra cost on most models) that will allow you to adjust the length of the blowpipe as the player grows.

If you want something that's not in the setup options (sheepskin bag, wooden solo chanter, etc.) just get in touch and we'll sort out the package specifically for your purchase.