Fred Morrison mouth-blown smallpipes [Keys of C or D]

CAD1,829.00 each
FM smallpipes drone switch
FM smallpipes mounts
FM smallpipes bag colour
Engraving Patterns - FM
Smallpipes Key

Mouth-Blown Smallpipes

These mouth-blown smallpipes have wood button and imitation ivory projecting mounts, with nickel ferrules. Mouth-blown sets come with a synthetic bag and moisture control system, and we also have an excellent synthetic chanter reed as an option.

There are some options with all the sets, including:

Key of A , D or C - the A sets are easy to play and go great with other instruments. The D sets have smaller spacing and a higher, sweeter pitch. The C sets have a sweet sound, and are a little larger (easier to play) than the D sets. See the videos on the information pages to hear the difference.

Drone Switch - you have the option to have a switch on the main stock for turning all the drones off/on as required. This is not necessary, costs a little more, but is a very nice feature, especially for beginners, and for playing in groups of mixed instruments when you want to choose when to sound the drones.

Engraving Patterns - You can choose no engraving (plain) or from one of four patterns: Thistle, Celtic, Zoomorphic and Victorian. 

Optional Materials - we have supplied gold/mopane sets, brass mounts, and sterling silver, with or without hand-engraving.

Pipe Case, Extra Reeds - Let us know if you need a case. We'll give you a great price on a case with pipes, and if you want extra reeds off the top, it's best to get all that set up from the start.

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