FM Combination Smallpipes - A/D [bellows]

CAD2,709.00 each
Engraving Patterns - FM
FM smallpipes bag colour
FM smallpipes mounts

Many pipers like to have the benefit of both A and D smallpipes in one set, and you can with the Fred Morrison Smallpipes combo set!

These pipes have four drones, with two chanters in separate plug-in stocks. The pipes are moderately priced, being just slightly more than a regular set in just one key. The combo sets do not come with a drone switch as option. These pipes are blackwood, with Ezeedrone drone reeds, cane chanter reeds and all the fun you can cram into an evening.

You can add just the drones and chanters to an existing set of FM reelpipes for the ultimate como set, without paying for a new bag/bellows.