Fred Morrison Bellows-blown Reelpipes

Fred Morrison Bellows-blown Reelpipes
Fred Morrison Bellows-blown ReelpipesFred Morrison Bellows-blown ReelpipesFred Morrison Bellows-blown Reelpipes9c55_26444594295a1fred_youtube
CAD3,229.00 each
Engraving Patterns - FM

Reelpipe Chanter Reeds
Outlands - Fred Morrison

Bellows-Blown Reelpipes

These bellows-blown reelpipes have wood button and imitation ivory projecting mounts, with nickel ferrules. Bellows-blown sets come with a cane chanter reed, and feature excellent drone reeds by Ezeedrone. On Fred’s recommendation, the pipes are fitted with a specially designed synthetic bag, which help the drones to sit up across the chest and sit very well at the neck.  Hide bags are available by request, but can add to waiting time. 

Reelpipe orders include:

• Fred Morrison - Fred is a modern master of piping, and he sets up and tunes every set of reelpipes before they are delivered to you.

• Drone Switch - all reelpipes have a switch on the main stock for turning all the drones off/on as required. This is a very nice feature, especially for beginners, and for playing in groups of mixed instruments when you want to choose when to sound the drones.

• Engraving Patterns - You can choose no engraving (plain) or from one of four patterns: Thistle, Celtic, Zoomorphic and Victorian. 

• Optional Materials - we have supplied gold/mopane sets, brass mounts, and sterling silver, with or without hand-engraving.

• Pipe Case, Extra Reeds - Reelpipes come with a pipe case included. If you want extra reeds off the top, it's best to get all that set up from the start.

Contact us if you have questions about the order. We can refine the shipping and taxes options. Reelpipes can not be ordered from within the UK. Orders from EU countries will be subject to 20% VAT.