The Masters' Collection

The Masters' Collection
The Masters' CollectionThe Masters' Collection
CAD15.00 each

"Rarities of Highland Bagpipe Music by Yesterday's Great Composers"

This collection was assembled and edited by Andrew Berthoff in 1997 and features many excellent older tunes from composer greats such as John MacColl, Roderick Campbell, Willie Lawrie, James Center, Robert Meldrum, John Stewart, Willie Ross, John McLennan, John MacDonald (Inverness), James Scott Skinner, Willie MacLean. George Allan and perhaps the most famous piper of the 19th century: Angus MacKay.

These tunes were out-of-print gems from the giants of piping in the early 20th century (except for MacKay, of course), and they are now available to new generations of pipers.

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