Along the Road

Along the Road
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A Collection of Music for the Highland Bagpipe
by Iain MacDonald, Saskatchewan

This collection of bagpipe music contains 79 tunes in a variety of styles and idioms, including three original piobaireachd and one classic piobaireachd in a fresh setting. There are notes about the composers and tunes, as well as vintage photos of some contributors. 

The compiler collected many of the tunes “along the road,” beginning in the late 1970s. Composers include a number of Western Canadian pipers, featuring tunes from previous generations of piper/composers.

Most notable are a number of compositions and arrangements from the late Pipe Major Donald MacLeod, M.B.E., including his unpublished piobaireachd, "Sandy MacPherson's Salute." Most of these tunes have not been previously published.

The collection was launched at the Glasgow International Festival of Piping, Piping Live! on August 13, 2008. 

Other contributors:
 Major Gavin Stoddart, B.E.M.- M.B.E. • P-M William MacLeod [Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada] • James McMillan [Student of Archie MacNeill & Teacher of Terry & Jack Lee] • P-M Alex Cupples [Gordon Highlanders] • Bob Worrall • Peter MacLeod, Snr. • Ann Gray • Sean Somers • Jori Chisholm • P-M James Watt, CD • Douglas Will, Winnipeg • Robert MacNeil • James L. McWilliams • Norman Beaton [son of South Uist pioneers in SK] • P-M Neil Sutherland, Regina and Winnipeg

Comments and Reviews
The collection is a compilation and therefore features tunes from quite a variety of composers, which I think is one of its strengths and it is evident that the collection is the result of many years of musical sifting. There are a substantial amount of good marches and one or two excellent ones which is welcome, particularly if one is preparing teaching material. One of the strengths of this collection is that it has material for all ability levels and I would recommend it as a good buy for novice and expert pipers alike.

In summary, I have enjoyed playing through the tunes in Along the Road, and I believe it to be an excellent purchase for both novice and accomplished pipers and, finally, I think that the inclusion of a diversity of composers and the quality of material makes this a very desirable collection of music.

Dr. Simon McKerrell

Review for pipes|drums


I have had this book for a while now and I must commend Iain on an excellent collection. I originally bought it for the "previously unpublished" Donald MacLeod tunes, on the theory that Donald never wrote a bad tune. While I am not disappointed in this regard, there is much more here. At 82 pages there are tunes here for everyone from a wide number of composers, some deceased, some active players, some well known and some not so well known. Good writeups on the composers and some great tunes. Buy it!! Hopefully it won't take Iain another 25 years to come up with the next one....All in all, a steal for thirty bucks.

Jim Skinner,
Vernon, BC 

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I have had about a day now with my newest library addition and must echo a few of Jim’s statements from above. There is something here for everyone, “buy it!” is sound advice, and hopefully it will not take another 25 years.The photos and accompanying memoir-like captions are always great additions to any music book. For those of us not fortunate enough to have met the masters of our art form can at least gain a sense of closeness through those who have.Finding “Sandy MacPherson’s Salute” a piobaireachd by Donald MacLeod, for me, has been the biggest treat. Well done Iain and thank you.


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